Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes can be a serious criminal offense. If your child has been charged with a Juvenile Offense, in an effort to protect the minor’s future, you need to rely on an experienced and aggressive Hawaii juvenile criminal defense lawyer who has a thorough understanding and familiarity with the law and local courts.

If you, or a loved one, are facing juvenile criminal charges in Hawaii, you need to seek the advice of an experienced and aggressive Hawaii juvenile criminal attorney immediately. Right now you are probably filled with fear, you have a million questions and you are not quite sure how to proceed. Consult with an attorney now. The Law Offices of Hawk Sing & Ignacio can evaluate your case and provide you with the knowledge and experience that is crucial when defending you against juvenile criminal charges.

A juvenile offender is generally described as a person under the age of 18, who commits any specific act prohibited by law. While it is understood that certain acts such as theft, robbery, assault, murder, etc. are obviously against the law, juveniles are also subject to additional laws such as truancy laws and curfew laws.

If you are suspected of committing a juvenile crime in Honolulu and are confronted by police, you must remain calm and invoke your rights. Even though you are a juvenile, you have rights that must be protected. Remember the following rules:

1. If you have not been arrested, you do not have to submit to a search.

2. Do not resist arrest.

3. Respectfully decline to answer any questions and do not volunteer any information regarding the incident.

4. Insist that an attorney be present before answering any questions.

5. Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorney. The Hawaii juvenile criminal process is unique and there is a separate court system for juvenile offenders. There are also different categories of juvenile offenders which include:

Status Offenders

These categories are for juveniles who have committed less serious crimes or crimes such as truancy, breaking curfew or incorrigibility and, if they were over the age of majority, would not be considered illegal.

Probationary Offenders

These children have committed crimes, and are under the supervision of the juvenile probation division. These crimes range from very serious to mildly serious. If a juvenile is placed on probation, he or she will be assigned a probation officer. The probation officer supervises the juvenile for a pre-determined period, such as a one year period or until the minor reaches the age of 18 years old. In certain circumstances, the court can extend jurisdiction until the offender’s 19th birthday. While on probation, the probation officer will monitor the juvenile progress in terms of completing the court ordered terms and conditions of probation. These include, but are not limited to anger management, drug treatment, victim impact classes, and school grades and attendance. Often times the probation officer will report the progress, or lack of progress to the court. The court or the prosecutor’s office may then petition for a revocation of the juvenile’s probation.

Juveniles waived to Circuit Court

These categories are for offenders that have committed crimes that, if they were adults, would be criminal. These are crimes such as murder, rape, arson, robbery, etc. Juveniles who have committed very serious crimes may be transferred to the adult court system to be tried as an adult.

Under the juvenile court system, a judge will hear the case and pass sentence. Most judges will generally make every effort to rehabilitate, educate and counsel juvenile offenders rather than incarcerate them but under extreme cases, the courts may hold a “Waiver Hearing” to determine whether or not the case will be transferred to Circuit Court where you may be tried as an adult.

During this initial phase, it is crucial that you have an experienced Hawaii Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney present who knows and understands the juvenile justice system and can convince a judge that you should remain under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

The Law Offices of Hawk Sing & Ignacio will employ an aggressive defense and can often reduce or dismiss the charges against you or in the alternative, negotiate a favorable plea-bargain.

If your case remains in juvenile court, you will have an opportunity to enter a plea or proceed to an adjudication hearing (trial). Your trial consists of a judge only – there is no opportunity for a jury trial. If, after a trial, a judge concludes that the charges are true, you will be sentenced.

In many cases, a conviction will not automatically lead to detention in a juvenile facility. There are many forms of alternative sentencing that may be available to you. Hawk Sing & Ignacio will make sure that all alternative sentencing options are presented to the judge.

Given the complexity of criminal defense in general and juvenile cases in particular, it is vital that you choose a Hawaii Criminal Defense Attorney who combines experience with a good track record, a thorough understanding and familiarity with the law and the local courts, and a commitment to each and every client. If you have you been accused of a juvenile offense, your time to get the right experienced criminal defense attorney is limited. Hawk Sing & Ignacio has successfully represented numerous clients charged with juvenile crimes throughout the State of Hawaii. Hawk Sing & Ignacio prides itself on aggressive representation with a personal touch. Armed with the knowledge and experience to build a winning defense, Hawk Sing & Ignacio is accustomed to taking on the criminal justice system and achieving the best results for our clients.

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