Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses are offenses involving the use of a motorized vehicle. Severity of traffic offenses range from very serious to mildly serious. Vehicular Homicide, Negligent Homicide, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Reckless Driving, Racing on Highways, Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of an Intoxicant, Driving while License Suspended, and Excessive Speeding are among the most serious traffic offenses and could result in incarceration, or loss of your privilege to drive.

Honolulu Criminal Defense Lawyer Benjamin Ignacio understands that traffic court proceedings can be intimidating and confusing. We also understand that there are many reasons and misunderstandings that have lead to you being charged with a traffic crime. If you are charged with a traffic crime, it is important to have a Hawaii’s Criminal Defense Attorneys on your side to make sure you achieve the best outcome possible in your case. Penalties for traffic offenses can be severe and it is our job to convince the court to reduce these penalties against you, or have them dismissed.

Given the complexity of criminal defense in general and traffic offenses in particular, it is vital that you choose Hawaii’s Criminal Defense Attorneys who combines experience with a good track record, a thorough understanding and familiarity with the law and the local courts, and a commitment to each and every client. If a you are accused of committing a traffic offense, your time to get the right experienced criminal defense attorney is limited. Hawk Sing & Ignacio has successfully represented numerous clients who have been charged with a traffic crime throughout the State of Hawaii. This office prides itself on aggressive representation with a personal touch. Armed with the knowledge and experience to build a winning defense, Mr. Ignacio is accustomed to taking on the criminal justice system and achieving the best results for his clients.

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