Attorney Ignacio’s Murder Defendant’s Life Sentence is Vacated


Attorney Benjamin Ignacio’s client Glenn Keohokapu Jr.’s life sentence was vacated by the Hawaii Supreme Court because of judicial error at trial.  Keohokapu, who was originally charged with murder, was convicted of the lesser offense of Manslaughter.  Unfortunately for him, because of his lengthy criminal history, what would have been a 20 year sentence was extended to life with the possibility of parole.  Because of procedural errors which were originally spotted and objected to by trial defense attorney Benjamin Ignacio, the Supreme Court vacated the extended sentence.  The issue of Mr. Keohokapu’s sentence has been remanded, or sent back, to the trial court for correction.

Had Mr. Keohokapu been convicted of murder instead of manslaughter, under the original proceedings, his sentence would have been life without the possibility of parole.  This means he would never have been released from prison.  Thanks to effective representation Honolulu Criminal Defense Lawyer Benjamin Ignacio, Mr. Keohokapu can now make a reasonable argument for a 20 year sentence, easily a savings of 20-40 years.

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