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Interlock Device Will Restore Your Privilege to Drive

Typically, persons arrested for DUI (Operating a Vehicle Under Influence of Intoxicants) have also had their drivers license confiscated at the police station.  They are probably wondering whether to hire a Hawaii criminal defense lawyer to help with your licensing issues. There are new developments for people facing drivers license revocation at the ADLRO (Administrative Drivers License Revocation Office) that raise as many questions as answers.  What will happen at the ADLRO now?  Should you still get a criminal defense lawyer to handle your ADLRO matter?

There is good news and bad news on the drivers license front.  The bad news is that, since 2011, you can lose your license for longer, on average, than you used to.  The good news is that despite the longer drivers license revocation, you can restore your privilege to drive relatively quickly and without significant limitation.  Either way, the licensing problem presented by ADLRO is best handled by a private criminal defense lawyer, because, remember a free Public Defender cannot assist in civil license revocation proceedings at ADLRO.

Under the old DUI laws in effect in Hawaii prior to 2011, a first offense DUI arrestee would lose his license for typically three months.  During that time, the last 60 days could see driving privileges restored for limited purposes, times, and destinations.  Even more inconveniently, the first 30 days was said to be “absolute”, meaning no driving whatsoever was allowed.  There was little your defense lawyer could do.

Now, the ADLRO can revoke your license for one year.  However, at your request or your criminal defense lawyer’s request, on your behalf, most people are immediately eligible for a partial restoration of driving privileges if you install an interlock device into your car.  An interlock device is a piece of aftermarket equipment designed to verify whether there is alcohol in your system.  Instead of waiting the 30 “absolute” days before driving, and instead of the limitations on driving only to and from work, a person can begin to drive as soon as an interlock device is installed in his car!  What’s even better your defense lawyer can still fight your revocation and have the interlock device installed at the same time.

Hawk Sing & Ignacio can help you arrange to have an interlock device installed AND fight the revocation of your drivers license.  We are the criminal defense lawyers you want on your side in any DUI problem, especially the ADLRO revocation.

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