I Hired Ben Ignacio For My Abuse Case And Was Found NOT GUILTY!



by Anonymous

The following is a genuine experience written from the perspective of a real life client of Honolulu Criminal Defense Lawyer Ben Ignacio. It has only been edited to preserve anonymity, which was requested.  While results and experiences may vary from case to case, it gives a first-person view of what our clients go through.

I thought I was happily married but things slowly deteriorated.  Maybe I could have done things differently, maybe not.  The next thing I know, things at home are getting tense.  Heated.  Confrontational.

One day, the cops called and said I was wanted for questioning.  My partner, now my ex, had made a complaint about me.  I didn’t understand.  We had been arguing regularly but nothing physical ever happened.  Why did the police want to question me?

Being a law-abiding citizen, I made arrangements to meet the officer at the station and I went down there only to find out that I was being accused of physically abusing my ex.  My ex was reporting something that happened months ago!  I vaguely remembered the incident that they wanted to know about.  It was a pretty serious argument that night, but did I really hit or abuse my ex?  I certainly didn’t think so.  The next thing I knew I was arrested.  The charge was called Abuse of Family or Household Member.

Shortly after bailing out, my family attorney referred me to Ben Ignacio.  I was told he was a criminal defense attorney with trial experience.  I had a free consultation where I met with my criminal defense attorney and we put all the issues in perspective; my marriage, my life, my self-esteem.  For the first time, I started to see things a little more clearly and began to put the pieces of my life back together. I was thinking, “I’m a professional.  I can’t be thought of as a spouse abuser.”  My goal was to not lose my kids, not lose my house, and not lose this trial! They even referred me to a good divorce attorney.

The accusations were so weak that my criminal defense attorney thought it was a good idea to try to convince the Prosecutors to drop or reduce the charges before my first court date.  They thought it was worth a try but I was told not to get my hopes up.  Being experienced criminal defense attorneys they had seen this before, but they were right.  So I wasn’t too disappointed when the charges weren’t dropped.  I decided that I would make no more compromises and I insisted on pleading “not guilty”.

Months went by as we waited for trial.  It became frustrating.  Frustrating especially when my criminal defense attorney got the police reports only to find that my ex had exaggerated all the so-called “facts”.

It also got frustrating when my ex filed for a restraining order against me and delayed the trial in an obvious attempt to gain an advantage in the divorce.

Throughout all this Ben Ignacio kept calm.  He had seen all this before.  More importantly, he kept me calm, and even talked me out of pleading to a deal when I just wanted to get things over with.  It would have been an easy way out.  My criminal defense attorney told me the Prosecutor was looking for a way out of trial.

Well, long story short, I finally did get to trial.  It must’ve been about nine months.  The jury got to watch my ex on the stand and answer the tough questions.  Why didn’t you call the police right away if you were abused?  Why did you wait six months?  Why didn’t you call an ambulance?  You didn’t go to the doctor right away if you were so hurt?  Where are the videos you supposedly took of your bruises?  Where are the celphone pictures?  Why didn’t you leave the house right away?

You were having an affair, weren’t you?

I didn’t have to testify, but I wanted to.  I wanted to tell my side of the story.  After watching my ex cross-examined so well, though, I knew it wasn’t necessary.  It was as if my criminal defense attorney’s cross-examination WAS my testimony.

Ben Ignacio wrapped everything up neatly in a closing argument to the jury and I could tell they really doubted what my ex was saying.  I even felt a little sorry for the Prosecutor who was trying to make sense of all the silly things my ex had said.

In the end, the jury swiftly returned a not guilty verdict.  I can’t say I was happy because my life was forever changed, but I was certainly relieved.

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