Federal Drug Crimes

Hawk Sing & Ignacio defends against federal drug crime charges, many of which carry ten years or more in prison with a conviction. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys possess the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to keep you from spending the next ten to twenty years in a federal prison. The DEA, FBI and DOJ employ some of the best attorneys possible, and only highly skilled drug crime lawyers can provide the best possible defense.

Results Driven Criminal Defense Firm

Our criminal defense firm applies a results driven approach to defending Federal Drug Crimes assigning two members of our drug crimes lawyer team to every case we handle. This assures a comprehensive view of the case as well as the best outcome possible for our clients. Our experience with drug offenses is broad.

Federal Drug Laws

Federal drug charges can result from a variety of drug offenses. Federal drug laws carry Severe Penalties including: up to twenty years in prison for cocaine trafficking offenses; twenty years to life for second time marijuana trafficking convictions; and a minimum of ten years for meth trafficking. These are just some of the life altering federal drug crime penalties that only a highly skilled drug crimes lawyer can help you avoid.

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