Sex Crimes

We Do Everything Possible To Keep You Off the Sex Offender Registry And Out of Jail

A conviction for a sex crime in Hawaii can mean having your name placed on the sex offender registry for decades and possibly for the rest of your life. Fighting sex charges is unlike fighting any other type charge. You will be fighting public perception and a prosecutor who is on a mission to get you off the streets.

At the Law Offices of Hawk Sing & Ignacio you will receive an aggressive defense with dignity and compassion. We won’t judge you for the charges you are facing. We will use every resource available to ensure that your rights are protected and your future isn’t ruined by the stigma of a sex offense conviction. The government has an obligation to prove not only the facts of your case, but also the criminal intent underlying the charges. Our thorough investigation and preparation will be your advantage.

“We look under the surface to discover defenses that are not always readily apparent from the charges. For example, many sex offense charges involve the use of computers, and there are often evidentiary challenges and questions about identify that every prosecutor will face if put to the proper tests. We hold prosecutors to their burden of proving that the charged defendant committed the charged crime beyond a reasonable doubt.” – Attorney Richard Sing

If you have been charged with a sex offense, or are under investigation, talk to one of our attorneys immediately.

We represent people charged with sex offenses such as:

* Sexual Assault

* Sex with a Minor, Statutory Rape, Date Rape

* Child Pornography

* Child Abuse, Molestation

* Indecent Exposure, Open Lewdness

* Electronic Enticement of a Child

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