Sexual Assault

Few criminal charges carry such severe consequences as rape and sexual assault. If convicted or sexual assault could lead to decades of jail time, thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines as well as being listed on sex offender registries. Even being charged with sexual assault could lead to public shame, being ostracized in your community and other “non-legal” consequences.

Hawk Sing & Ignacio is one of Hawaii’s premier Criminal Defense Law Firms, providing top-notch legal defense for anyone charged with rape, sexual assault or related crimes. Our results driven approach to defending rape charges and sexual assault charges involves two or more members of our sex crime attorney team to every case. This assures a 360 degree view of each rape and sexual assault case, as well as maximize the possibility a positive result for our client.

Felony Sex Crime and Misdemeanor Sex Crime

Some might make the mistake of thinking a felony sex crime requires a skilled criminal defense attorney, but a misdemeanor sex crime does not have to be taken seriously. The sex offender registry is filled with individuals who have misdemeanor sex crimes on their record. A skilled sex crime defense attorney will be able to adequately represent you in either felony or misdemeanor sex crime cases, and fight for your freedoms and rights. Inclusion on the Sex Offense Registry will damage your current and future employment, your ability to live in certain neighborhoods and much more.

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