Manslaughter may be one of the most complex violent criminal charges to understand. It is portrayed on television shows as being a lenient alternative to murder, which truly misrepresents how severe the penalties can be for manslaughter. Attorneys would agree that while it is a form of homicide considered less serious than murder, it carries with it minimum jail time for a conviction. Hawaii manslaughter penalties include *check for accuracy of text here [jail time, probation, parole, loss of the right to be bonded, restitution, counseling and significant fines]. If you’re facing manslaughter charges, Contact a criminal defense attorney at Hawk Sing & Ignacio today.

Manslaughter Defense

As a premier Honolulu criminal defense firm, Hawk Sing & Ignacio has a long, successful track record of defending anyone charged with manslaughter, Homicide or any other violent crime. For example, our criminal defense attorney team has the following experience:

  • *insert case example here Our client was charged with the murder of two police officers. Hawk Sing & Ignacio aggressively defended the client and achieved the verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity.
  • *insert case example here Our client was charged with assault during a robbery and accused of brutally kicking the victim in the face while they were on the ground. Hawk Sing & Ignacio was able to get all of these charges dismissed.
  • *insert case example here Our Client was charged with assault after breaking the victim’s nose and orbital bone in their eye, causing permanent nerve damage. Hawk Sing & Ignacio was able to secure a deal where our client would plead to a violation and spend no time in jail.

Manslaughter Law

In creating a defense for manslaughter, an attorney must understand *change text/link here [New York State Penal Law section 125.20, which defines manslaughter as a Class B felony.] *insert attorney background here [Having spent years working in District Attorneys’ Offices], our Criminal Defense Attorneys understand both how and when Government Attorneys pursue manslaughter charges.

Hawk Sing & Ignacio’ criminal defense skill is highlighted regularly in such major media outlets as *change text here [the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the NY Post, ABC News and others]. The successful track record of our criminal defense attorney team includes manslaughter charges, murder charges and other homicide crimes.

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